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Springs are carefully preserved, as are the chimneys that dot the land. A few lucky homeowners will own one of these chimneys as part of their home site.

Chimney Laurel rests high atop cool, green Elk Mountain. At 3,600 feet elevation, this residential real estate community descends into the valley below with an undisturbed view of the area north of Asheville. A mountain view featuring the spectacular massif of the Blue Ridge Mountains adds a special touch to Chimney Laurel.

Framed by the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Chimney Laurel offers home sites ranging from 1.6 to 3.6 acres, providing plenty of breathing room and privacy.

The gated front entrance is flanked by native rock retaining walls. The roads which are constructed with curb and gutter curve beautifully, providing stunning views on the drive down. The elevation gradually decreases as though the mountain casually welcomes you with the easing descent.

At Chimney Laurel...

You can create your personal vision of the perfect mountain home using natural materials such as stone, timber, and granite. We can provide a list of professional trade and craft people who will build your home with quality and care. You provide the creative input for the home suited to your character.

The planned common area with picnic tables and a fire pit is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Everywhere you look, trees are plentiful and the owners took great care to preserve as many as possible. This is a community dedicated to preserving the secluded, breathtaking beauty of its surroundings; there is no golf course, pool, or other encroachment here.

History of Chimneys

  • The six chimneys found by developers intrigued them due to stones of unequal sizes set in mortar, moss clinging to the rocks, broken mantels, quartz and granite, found in pieces on the ground nearby.
  • Who built them, and why? According to a local historian, Author Thomas Wolfe’s family built several cabins in the 1930s as guest getaways. These included modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing. The cabins were well appointed, one cabin served as a main dining hall and another was built around a rock outcropping which served as one interior wall.
  • Many wealthy visitors enjoyed a mountain retreat in the cabins; one possible guest was the automaker Henry Ford. For unknown reasons, the project was abandoned and the woods gradually reclaimed everything but the chimneys.
  • The springs provided refreshing water for travelers on horseback coming from Reems Creek and Beech Community. Rumor has it that this water produced the best moonshine in the county.
    In the 1970s, Jay Griffith began bottling the water, becoming the second spring water company approved in North Carolina. The water tested higher in gold content than iron content and included naturally occurring fluoride—perfect for drinking.

    Darlene Flynn is a native of Western North Carolina. She and her husband Gautam Patel share a deep love of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville. Interest in local history and horticulture drew them to Elk Mountain. They can frequently be found hiking the property, making sure that the construction is being done with care and deep concern for the environment.

    "Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."